Striving for the best scar reducing product on the market, we conducted Independent lab analysis of the scars appearance over 8 weeks of use of PH+ scar gel. The results as follows:


lighter color


less redness


scar area reduction


scar width reduction

Exceptional Results

Plastic surgeons have always struggled helping patients recover seamlessly from cosmetic surgeries because everyone scars differently. Finding a quality product with natural ingredients and exceptional results is key to a visibly seamless result. PureHeal Plus incorporates all the key ingredients to deliver outstanding results.

SEABERRY - Nature’s secret healer

A quick study of Seaberry’s essential oil composition reveals some of the highest concentrations of biologically beneficial compounds in nature, all packed into one tiny berry!

Seaberry oil contains potent compounds that are naturally anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-microbial, giving skin tissue an unprecedented advantage to stabilize and regenerate.

 This proprietary blend contains high levels of Omega-7 which is an important skin component that helps to prevent wounds, scratches, and burns. Adiditionaly, this gel has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in soothing and  healing wounds and ulcers. Silicone is the base for ensuring hydration and absorption with every application.


PureHeal+ and You

Scars and incisions

Apply PureHeal+ to surgical scars, cuts or scrapes about a week into the healing or as directed by your doctor. With regular daily application for 6-8 weeks you will see visible improvement.

Cuts and Scrapes

A life full of adventure sometimes leaves a mark. PureHeal+ can help visibly improve the way scars heal over time.

Stretch marks

Rapid weight gained and lost can be noticeable for years. When applied daily to stretch marks, PureHeal+ can noticeably improve stretch marks that are new or old.


Burns cause skin to heal in various unpredictable ways. Depending on the gravity of the scar you can see improved color, texture and from daily use of our scar gel. PureHeal + can be applied to fully healed burn wounds to help improve the appearance of the burn scar.


Acne scars can cause discoloration that takes months to heal when left alone. PureHeal+ helps visibly improve the look of these scars through regular daily use because of it’s effective proprietary ingredients.

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