Our Story

The PureHeal+ Story

As plastic surgeons, our goal is always to help our patients feel radiant in their own skin. The formula for PureHeal+ started out as an attempt to provide our patients with the best post-surgical scar treatment, but we soon found that our formula also had the potential to far exceed current topical therapies for other scars, burns, and stretch marks.

The Experts Behind PureHeal+

Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich’s knowledge in herbalism and traditional medicine led him to seaberry, a plant used as a traditional scar and burn treatment in the most remote regions of Siberia. With Dr. Dilip Madnani’s research training, we combined the scientifically proven scar restorative effects of silicone gel with the healing power of pure natural seaberry oil.

Our patients were thrilled with the visible improvement in the appearance and size of their scars, and once the independent study we commissioned confirmed our results, we decided to make our unique formula available to the rest of the world. PureHeal+ is here for you to enjoy!

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