The Story of PureHeal+


Our story begins with two plastic surgeons with expertise in facial rejuvenation realizing that every one of their patients deserves to have the most beautiful skin that modern medicine can create. Having trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the USA and after performing thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgeries, “…we realized that we needed a product to improve the appearance of surgical scars. We also believe that nature has given us everything we need to do our job if we only open our eyes to her secrets.”


We made it our mission to create a botanically based scar reducing formulation that would live up to the standards of our most demanding patients: New York celebrities, models and performers who simply cannot afford to compromise on aesthetics. Our search for the right botanical led us far and wide and introduced us to Seaberry, whose beneficial properties far exceeded our highest expectations. This incredible shrub achieves naturally what science has spent years trying to recreate in a lab.


Combining the scientifically proven scar restorative effects of silicone gel with the healing power of pure natural Seaberry oil, PureHealPlus produces aesthetic results that potentially far exceed current topical therapies. [PUREHEALPLUS]** We have created a unique scar reducing formulation that visibly improves and softens the appearance of scars and soothes skin. PureHealPlus has allowed our patients to feel absolutely radiant in their own skin. It is here for you to enjoy!

* Based on patient questionnaire
** Patent Pending Formula

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