The Science of Seaberry

PureHealPlus is a potent cosmetic formulation that combines Seaberry essential oil with a specially formulated silicone gel to soften and improve the appearance scars. A quick study of Seaberry’s essential oil composition reveals some of the highest concentrations of biologically beneficial compounds in nature, all packed into one tiny berry! Its benefits have been referenced in ancient Greek texts, classic Tibetan medicinal texts and in traditional Chinese medicine for its properties in the treatment of skin wounds, burns and other skin ailments.

Seaberry oil contains potent phytomolecular compounds that are naturally anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-microbial, giving skin tissue an unprecedented advantage to stabilize and regenerate.

Unsaturated fatty acids – Seabuckthorn contains high levels of Omega-7 which is an important skin component that helps to prevent wounds, scratches, and burns.

Phytosterols – beta-sitsterol is naturally anti-inflammatory and assists in skin repair.

Tocopherols – (natural form of Vitamin E). Which is an Anti-oxidant which minimizes skin oxidation resulting in decreased healing time, and increases the breaking strength of wounds.

Carotenoids (natural form of Vitamin A) – which helps in collagen synthesis, helps in proper wound epithelization and is a powerful free radical scavenger minimizing damage caused by harmful UV-B rays on the skin.

Flavonoids – Have anti-inflammatory properties and helps in promoting healing of wound and ulcers. Vitamins B1, B2, B6: improves moisture retention, reduces the effects of atopic dermatitis

Triterpenes – citroostadienol, which has strong anti-inflammatory activity.

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